You’ve likely had the experience. You run into a high-end grocery store to pick up something for tomorrow’s breakfast—say, something like precut fresh melon. Fast forward to early next day when the family is ready to head out to work and school. You take a bite out of your melon and are more than frustrated. Hard, underripe and nonmoist! What good is convenience if you can’t get the quality?

We’re all so busy these days and just like my client in the story above, we’re seeking solutions that come with convenience, saving us steps and time. She ran into a local high-end grocery store, walked up to the refrigerated section and grabbed a clear plastic container of perfectly cut and sized cantaloupe melon for tomorrow’s breakfast. The $5.00 + tax price tag seemed just right for the benefit of eliminating the prep of cleaning and cutting the melon.

Does a story like this sound familiar? Two-income families, a string of activities for kids on weekends and after school, and caregiving for aging parents: These major factors put time at a premium for modern-day families. In fact, they’re changing consumer buying behaviors, too. According to recent research, convenience, quality, and personal service rank tops on the list of consumers’ purchasing decisions.

That’s why we’ve created The Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge at Your Service: to provide assistance with your food service, as well as shopping, errands, pick-ups/drop-offs, senior services and many other unique and challenging tasks that crowd into your already busy days.

And when it comes to food, Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge can do what establishments like the fancy Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, the Northern New Jersey staple of Kings Food Markets or a growing list of mail-order services can’t do—guarantee you convenience, quality, and personal service.

The string of high-end markets and popular mail-order businesses may be catering to busy professionals and parents on the go by offering up convenience with their prepackaged/prepared foods, dinners in a bag and an expanding deli salad section. But their solutions are commoditized and prepared in volume. By contrast, as a culinary-trained professional, I afford you the personalized service and food selections prepared just for you by Twenty-Fifth Hour Concierge.

Had my now client come to me for her breakfast selection of melon, I would have started by picking out two whole fresh melons. I then would have cleaned and prepped them, put them in a proper storage container and marked it with the appropriate shelf life, and placed the item directly into her refrigerator—and guaranteed an “Mmmm, that’s good” reaction as opposed to a first-morning toss into the trash. 

Whether it’s cleaned and sliced melon, finger sandwiches for a tea, a series of easy-to-heat dinners for the workweek or even catering a special event, The Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge at Your Service delivers the convenience quality and personal service that can’t be beaten. And, we’re gentle on your wallets, too.

Experience convenience, quality, and personal service. Call (973) 452-4894 today and ask for Narrin, or click on and order up some mouth-watering delights. Then sit back, because you won’t have to lift another finger or turn on your oven.