The Twenty Fifth Hour At your Service Pet Sitting by The Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge Service, LLC. brings you back to your Childhood of the early 1960s

Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse, The Flintstones, David and Goliath, Dudley Do-Right, Touche’ Turtle & Dum Dum, Deputy Dawg, Snaglepuss, Yogi Bear Show & Lassie to name a few. The common thread is that these shows are all animal-based tv shows, that we have or had probably watched at some point.

To date, pet ownership has exploded and with our normal busy lives that barely leaves us time for ourselves. How about our pets? Less time for our pets, our 4 legged pals? No time for our pals! We are working longer hours, stressed, afraid to take time off from work, concerned who is looking over our shoulder and who is watching the punch clock and now you are wondering who will take our beloved pets out at lunchtime, overwhelmed, or while we are down the shore enjoying a beautiful day or we just need quality personal time.

The Twenty Fifth Hour at your service personal pet sitting and pet walking service has the remedy.

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