We have made our Holiday shopping lists, we have checked it twice. We didn’t want to admit it, but we are The Ultimate Procrastinator…

 “Procrastination is the Thief of Time”

Edward Young

Some relatable procrastination excuses I am sure we all used.

  1. ” I don’t really need to do it right now…”
  2. “I’ll start after…”
  3. “it’s not the right time…”
  4. “It’s not really that important…”
  5. “I don’t have enough information to start…”
  6. “something came up…”
  7. “I’ve got too much else to do right now…”


Now, that we have moved past the definition of procrastinating, and some of the common excuses we all have used at some point and you’re nodding your head or answer yes to the above examples. There is an answer to your Procrastination dilemma.

I would like to ask what would an extra hour in your day or in your week be worth during this holiday season?

I would like to introduce The Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge Service, LLC, our services are a no Judgement company. Our mission is to enhance your lifestyle during this Holiday season, we will personally assist you in putting time back in your day so you may enjoy this upcoming Holiday season.

For more information, we can be reached at 1-973-452-4894 or at twentyfifthhourconcierge.com or at info@ttfhcs.com