Many of us strive to plan to make sure things are in place in case of an emergency.  Alas, life (or procrastination) usually gets in the way and the best-laid plans remain unrealized.  Unfortunately, crisis situations have a habit of accelerating the requirement that certain decisions be made and made quickly.  In many instances, these decisions require the execution of documents that need to be witnessed by a Notary Public.

In a normal, 9-5, non-crisis situation, arranging to have your documents notarized is quite a simple endeavor.  Title Company staff can notarize loan documents and deeds at closing and Paralegals can notarize estate documents when you pick them up at the attorney’s office.

But what if you told the attorney to email the documents and you’ll take care of them because you didn’t want to fight traffic to get to their mid-town Manhattan office? Or what happens if a diagnosis has created a sudden change of heart that has prompted you to forgive a loved-one for some perceived wrong and you want to change your will before going into surgery?  Or what if you are handicapped or homebound and mobility is a serious issue?  These and many other potential scenarios can make getting important documents notarized extremely difficult. 

Fortunately, there is a service available to handle these types of scenarios which is called a Mobile Notary.  The only difference between a normal notary and a mobile notary is simply this… the mobile notary comes to you when you want (or need) them too!  Mobile notary services provide flexibility in terms of both time and location.  That flexibility can be desired out of conveniences such as two parties in a transaction, one from Netcong and one from Newark, agreeing to meet at the Morristown Pancake House to have the documents notarized on a Sunday morning.  Or the flexibility can be borne out of necessity, such as having family members meet in a hospital room before emergency surgery at 2 am to have Power of Attorney documents notarized.

No matter what your situation is, borne out of convenience or necessity, please know that The Twenty Fifth Hour at Your Service provides mobile notary services 24/7, 365 throughout the entire Northern New Jersey area.  We would be happy to meet at your office, your aging loved-ones assisted living facility, the local pancake house or even a hospital emergency room if need be.

If you are in need of mobile notary services, be it scheduled or emergency, please call Narrin Schwartz at 973-452-4894.  Be sure to visit our website as well at