The Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge Service Encounters an Unusual Task!

A 2:55 PM call comes in from Biloxi, Mississippi, leaving a frantic message on my voicemail. Urgent, please call me back, my 14-year-old son’s debit card is expired and is not working. I Called back this anxious mother who proceeded to tell me her son left from Mississippi this morning and was on a trip to New York City. He was currently staying in Essex County, NJ, with his expired debit card and had no way to access any money for his trip.

Luckily, Mom had googled “personal help” and “personal shopping near Essex County, NJ” and the Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge Service populated on top of the list. I shared with her that there was no need to fear, that The Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge Service, LLC was here to save the day.

Our concierge service was able to go above and beyond by having mom wire the desired amount of money to me. I was then able to proceed to the local Walmart where I purchased a debit card with the amount sent by mom and delivered the fully loaded debit card to her 14-year-old son.

The power and reach of The Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge Service were able to bring Peace of Mind to this wonderful family in Biloxi, MS.

The Twenty Fifth Hour At Your Service Located in Morris County, NJ services the Tri-State area including Eastern Pennsylvania.