Do you want to slave over the BBQ Grill or enjoy the BBQ party with your family and friends?

It’s the middle of summer and you have a few BBQ events scheduled for your home over the next few weeks. Are you tired of slaving over the hot Barbeque grill? Are you worried about keeping cold food cold and hot food hot? Are you afraid that your dishes on the serving tables aren’t being replenished in an appropriate manner? Are you overwhelmed? Are you sensing your missing out on your own BBQ party?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions consider an extra pair of trained hands giving you personal service.

The Twenty Fifth Hour At Your Service is culinary trained, a certified chef by trade and can personally assist you in prepping, setup, cook, monitor, and cleanup of your outdoor BBQ.

All at an affordable price.

It is not too late. The summer is sizzling and our services are ready and prepared to make sure you enjoy your event with your friends and family.

For a Stress-Free Consultation contact Narrin Schwartz @ 973-452-4894 or at

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