Rent a Husband?

As a single professional woman, you have dedicated your life to overcoming obstacles and breaking down barriers. Growing your business is your passion.

As a single mother, you have the hardest, and most important, job imageable.   Providing for your family and being the best parent you can be is a juggling act that you have perfected.

Whatever the scenario, successful single women have a drive and dedication that is to be admired. However, that drive can sometimes create an aura of invincibility, a feeling that you’ve come this far by yourself and you don’t need anyone’s help going forward.

You work incredibly hard to begin with so why try to do everything yourself… especially when it comes to those non-glamorous activities that seem to suck up all your free time? More than most, you deserve a break!

Lifestyle concierges, such as the Twenty Fifth Hour At Your Service, allow single women to outsource many tasks, including the non-glamorous ones that are traditionally handled by the “Man of the House”.

Consider your concierge a “Rent A Husband” for such tasks as finding the right auto repair shop, dealing with HVAC contractors or making sure the snow that comes with winters in Morris County New Jersey is cleared off the driveway. Wouldn’t a “Husband on Demand” be great when you don’t feel like setting up that mousetrap in the garage or hanging that new light fixture or picking up Rover’s “gifts” in the yard?

Let’s be clear, your success proves that you can do these tasks, but why should you? The time you spend growing your business or raising kids is significant and free time is at a premium. Don’t waste these precious hours doing tasks that can be easily, and cost-effectively, outsourced. Improve your lifestyle by spending time doing what you love, not by doing more chores. Let the Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge Service be your Rent a Husband!

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