Understanding The Value of Time

I am Narrin Schwartz owner of The Twenty Fifth Hour At Your Service brought to you by The Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge Service, LLC

An example of a recent real-time personal service.

An attorney living in Somerset County, specifically Bernardsville, NJ working in Essex County, Newark, NJ. contacts me at 9:30 pm on a Monday evening.
Requests my concierge services from 11:30 am. – 3:00 pm the following day on Tuesday for the following tasks:

“Please wait at my new home for the delivery of furniture and make sure all items are set up properly in the specific rooms and check off the list that is provided.
In addition, please walk my two large anxious dogs. Please play with them and tire them out prior to my arrival back home.”

Requested tasks complete, the client is happy and dogs have a new friend.

In this real scenario, The Twenty Fifth Hour At your service provided a twist on its services, House Sitting & Pet Sitting at the same time.
This attorney understands the value of his time and by hiring a concierge/personal assistant service to be his extra pair of arms and legs, his day was a success.

If you’re looking for the quality time back in your professional and personal lifestyle and you would like a Stress Free Consultation and to learn more how our services can be helpful call us at 973-452-4894 or contact us at The Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge