Multitasking, Productivity & Brain Health

The start of a new year brings the inevitable slew of “resolutions” … diet, exercise, volunteering, etc.  These are always made with the best of intentions, but follow through is usually lacking.  Just look at how empty the parking lots are at health clubs around the Tri-State Area and Morris County New Jersey on May 2 compared to January 2!

However, there is one resolution that The Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge Service can help you stick with throughout the entire year: Becoming more productive and efficient!

Over the past few decades society has awarded a badge of honor to those individuals who psychologists refer to as “Heavy Multitaskers”.  Look at how successful John and Jane Doe are… they juggle so many different things… careers, kids, sports, church, even being a caregiver to Jane’s aging loved one.  But are John & Jane truly successful because they multitask or are they actually less successful than they could be if they focused on fewer things? 

There have been a number of recent studies which show that, by reducing multitasking & focusing on fewer projects, your overall productivity increases!  Furthermore, doing fewer activities at the same time may actually improve the health of your brain.  The studies and results are covered in more detail in an article by Kendra Cherry, MS on the VeryWellMind website (

If you’re a Heavy Multitasker, the results outlined in this article should be a wake-up call. Don’t try and do everything yourself because it makes you feel “productive”. Outsourcing tasks to a lifestyle concierge service isn’t something to be ashamed of, rather, doing so will allow you to focus more of your attention on higher priority tasks.

Whether its grocery shopping, handling miscellaneous errands, catering a dinner party or taking your elderly loved one to a doctor’s appointment, a concierge service can take literally dozens of tasks off your plate, considerably reducing distractions.

So, if you want to set an achievable resolution this year which will not only make you more productive & efficient, but also improve the health of your brain, then let The Twenty Fifth Hour At Your Service be your outsourced multitasker!

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