A recent article that I came across surmises that finding “Work-Life Balance” is impossible and we’ve wasted decades chasing a dream that can never be obtained.  To me this was like finding out there actually wasn’t a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!  Am I the only one who now feels jipped out of being able to find nirvana?

Starting in the 1980’s we couldn’t go a day without hearing the term “Work-Life Balance”. In fact, the relentless pursuit of finding the perfect blend of professional and personal over the last 30+ years is our generation’s version of trying to find the fountain of youth.   A number of iconic brands owe their existence to this focus too… without it I doubt we’d know who Tony Robbins was, or find a Starbucks on every corner or know what those white earbuds were attached too.

The author’s premise is that “Work” and “Life” are not separate, but that work is actually part of life.  More so, you should maximize work the same way you do life… by focusing more on what you “Love” to do and trying to minimize those tasks you “Loathe” doing. Regardless if it relates to the personal or professional side of your life, I couldn’t agree more and here’s why…

I love what you loathe!

The Twenty Fifth Hour At Your Service thrives on doing those tasks that our clients loathe so they can spend more time doing what they love.  I, myself, have chosen the perfect career as I absolutely love helping my clients by making their lives easier and, up till now, I really haven’t found any tasks (outside of paying taxes) that I loathe!

It goes without saying that there are some limitations of what I can do to assist you with the day to day requirements of your professional life, but if you need documents notarized in the middle of the night to seal the deal or need them hand delivered anywhere in the Northern New Jersey area, we love doing that!

There are also a number of tasks that are extensions of your your professional life that we love handling… such as party planning.  For instance, an important prospect is flying to town one last time before engaging your company.  Whether you’d like a table for 4 at the trendiest restaurant followed by seats at the hottest Broadway show or you desire a more intimate approach with a catered dinner at your residence , we can handle all the details for you…from flowers to foi gras!

The author’s general point that life is too short to spend time doing what you loathe is a good one. By default, if you loathe a task but still need it to be done, you either have to do it yourself and be miserable or have someone else do it for you.  If you choose the latter, why not hire someone who you know will love doing it for you?

Let the Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge Service be the iconic brand that you turn to for those tasks you loathe.  To learn why dozens of clients love what we do for them, and how we can do the same for you, please visit our website at https://www.twentyfifthhourconcierge.com/ or call Narrin at (973) 452-4894.