Is it just worth doing it yourself? Or is your time worth something?

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Its obvious these days, That no one knows or understands the Value of their time, What is it worth? Has anybody share with you, save save save, Not that it’s a bad thing, But at what cost does it come at. I seem to feel that we all undervalue our time. Even myself, at times.

Would you enjoy doing what you want to do when you want to do it vs. What you have to do or need to do? Would you enjoy spending time with a family member than cutting your own lawn or going out to do your personal errands and chores including your Personal grocery shopping? Or would you rather go to a movie and out dinner with family and friends while your lawn is being cut, personal errand & pick up of your dry cleaning and prescriptions.

Think about how valuable your time is to you.

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I have attached an article by Investor Junkie, Titled Is your time worth something?

How Much Is Your Time Worth?