Personal Shopper

We are a full-service personal shopping company who provide detailed shopping services with the utmost of care.


Once popular amongst seniors. Growing in popularity for all ages.

Department Stores

Do not be stressed with the hassle to pick up and return items


Feeling under the weather. Let us pick up your prescriptions.

Bakeries / Deli's

In the mood for a treat? Sit back and relax. Let us pick it up.

Make Us Your Personal Shopper

Are you extremely busy and do not have the time or maybe you just do not like shopping and would rather spend your valuable time doing something else? Are you leaving for vacation and need extra time to plan and pack? Are you disabled or a senior citizen or have a friend or family member who is?

The Twenty Fifth Hour At Your Service is a perfect choice for all of these situations. We let you concentrate on your business, your vacation and enjoying your life in other ways. We love to help the disabled and the seniors in our community.

Personal Shopping At Your Service

We are here for you and offer you our personal shopping services. We can shop for all of your needs such as food, hygiene products, paper products, cleaning products and so much more.

We are fast, affordable and extremely reliable. We work with you to shop and deliver your goods with the utmost in care and in an acceptable timely manner. We offer gift certificates. What a great gift idea!

It’s easy! Contact us, give us your list along with items and store preferences and we will do all the work.

Are you interested? Call us at 973-452-4894 or contact us at for more information and to schedule your personal shopping services. You may also reach us using our secure online contact form.

Let us be your personal shopper. But before you leave our website make sure to check out our other concierge services. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to serve you.

Enjoy your Free Time and Let Us Do Your Personal Shopping