Errands / Designated Driver Services

We are a full-service personal errand & designated driver service company. We are committed to providing our clients with high quality care.

Designated Driver

Looking for a responsible designated driver? We have the perfect solution!

Car Drop/Pickup

We offer easy and convenient services direct from your door and back.

Dry Cleaning Drop/Pickup

Too busy preparing for a special event? We have you covered.

Merchandise Drop/Pickup

Our flexible services allow us to handle your individual needs.

Your Personalized Errand & Designated Driver Concierge

The Twenty Fifth Hour At Your Services offers you a comprehensive range of errand and designated driver services tailored to meet your needs. We are passionate about delivering a superior experience with the highest standard of professional service to our clients.

We are recognized for our commitment to personalized service We can run your daily or weekly errands and pick you up and drop you off at a requested location. We can be your designated driver as well as wait at your home for repairs and deliveries. Whatever you need, we are here to help.

Errands and Designated Driver Services we provide:

  • We can be your designated driver. We will use your vehicle to take you to dinner and other party destinations, to the theater, or cruise ship terminals, the airport and more
  • Pickup and drop off the car. We will wait if it is only a couple of hours, otherwise, we will drop off the vehicle, get picked up and come back later to retrieve the vehicle
  • Wait for repairs and deliveries
  • Dry Cleaning Drop Off and Pickup
  • Merchandise Pickup and Return

Expenses such as tolls, mileage, parking and any other associated fees will be considered reimbursable expenses.

Our rates are on a sliding scale depending on the number of hours we work for you.

We are fully bonded and insured

Take a break from the stress of running around for your own personal errands or for an elderly loved one. Enjoy your next special occasion free of stress. Contact The Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge to help you with your daily errands or to be your new designated driver. We are courteous, respectful and are happy to help.

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Trust us to provide you with commitment and personalized services