Eyes are first on the scene of a potential life event!

Recently, I have encountered some situation being an independent Concierge, Lifestyle Manager in Morris County, NJ. These situations happened to be of life events that are occurring in one’s family home with their aging loved ones. As I work closely with the client and or clients, I listen for those keywords in our conversations that lead to those questions? Narrin, do you know some one in your network than you can refer to us that do, this? Sometimes its, for a landscaper, Plummer, electrician, Mover. But more recently its a Senior Care Professional, Such as A geriatric care manager, Senior Home Care agency. These relationships that I have built over the years have been invaluable and available to me and my clients at a moments notice.

Encounter, 1. Aging loved one’s parents living in family members home. Aging loved one’s parents were ready to leave for their seasonal home in Florida and the day before they were supposed to fly one of the agings loved one had broken their ankle. Couldn’t fly and now needs help and support to navigate the medical system in New Jersey.

Encounter,2. Aging loved one’s parents are living independently in a single family home, with a part-time senior care aide. A few days before Christmas eve, one of the parents came down with pneumonia, recovered well, and the parents went to the children’s home for Christmas out of state. While, out of state, The other parent came down with pneumonia and was rushed to the hospital and now is in rehab out of state. Leaving the family I crisis what to do?

The common theme here is things happen, do you have a plan in place for your aging loved ones? It’s so much better to be proactive than reactive and have a plan in place and not need it vs. need a plan and not have it!

I would like to introduce my team of experts in the Senior Care industry.

Gladys Harris of The Olive Group, LLC  http://www.theolivegroupllc.com/

Annalee Kruger Of Care Right INC, https://carerightinc.com/

Gerri Dasappan of Amada Senior Care Northwest New Jersey   https://amadaseniorcare.com/northern-new-jersey-senior-care/

I am Narrin Schwartz of The Twenty Fifth Hour At You Service AKA The Twenty Fifth Hour Concierge Service LLC. info@ttfhcs.com or 1-973-452-4894.

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