Examples of keeping your aging loved ones Independent and giving families peace of mind

Our services work hand in hand with certified geriatric care managers and home health aide companies. We are a nonmedical service that provides an opportunity for our aging loved ones to keep their independence and not have to rely on family and or friends. When families tend to visit with their aging loved ones the families are looking for quality time with their aging loved ones, not necessarily their personal errand and personal chores.

Here are four examples of how our lifestyle services keep our aging loved ones independent and their families having peace of mind.

  • Recently our services were hired by a family whose aging parent lived with them. Today, we went out to the post office, a specific local convenience store to play his numbers and then off to one of his favorite eating establishments to pick up a healthy dinner. We brought him home and while he was having his dinner I was taking care of the 2 dogs, feeding them, playing with them, and rubbing their bellies.
    To summarize, while the family was out of town aging loved one was staying independent, while the aging loved one was eating dinner our service switched hats and know we became the pet sitter. Job accomplished.
  • Another recent story, a client of the Twenty Fifth hour At Your Service lives in an independent living facility in Denville, NJ. We pick up this client mid-morning and went out to a doctors appointment, jewelry store for new batteries for his watch, shopped at Walgreens, got a haircut at Great Clips and a stop into the local surgical supply store in Denville, NJ. Just another example of keeping seniors independent. Job accomplished.
  • The third recent story is with a client whose is 100 years old. Also lives in an independent living residence in Morris County, Nj. We pick up also in the mid-morning, off to Morristown to a dentist appointment, then off to a local deli in the area to pick up fresh made chopped liver and the off to her favorite local grocery store for some personal grocery shopping. Job accomplished.
  • A fourth recent story is with a client from an adult community in Rockaway, NJ who enjoys Sunday excursions to Barnes & Noble for about an hour and a half and then to her local grocery store of choice and then to a local eating establishment for taking out of her favorite dish.

The common theme is Independence, peace of mind, personal service, families of aging loved ones getting help, personal errands and chores, personal shopping, seniors to Dr’s appointments, Stress-Free environment

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