Does your multi-tasking give you sanity within a world of chaos?

Are you aware that over 95% of the general population in North America has trouble multi-tasking? Multi-tasking can be harmful to oneself. It can ruin the quality of your work that you are doing and the quality of your life. Here we list a few cons of multitasking.

What Are the Cons of Multitasking?

1. It creates a lot of time loss.
2. There is a limited amount of energy every day.
3. It eliminates certain personal skills.
4. It encourages procrastination.
5. It becomes more difficult to accomplish something that is important.
6. A distracted mind may become permanent.

Ask yourself, is multi-tasking something that should be done?

Or is it something that is risky and could potentially cost someone more time than focusing on the completion of one task.

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