I read an article recently from Inc.com Magazine titled “12 Simple Phrases That Are Guaranteed to Make People Like You More”, it started out with a fantastic quote from Maya Angelou. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

I find this article very Appropriate to The Hospitality field, Specifically my Concierge service. The Twenty Fifth Hour At Your Service, LLC. www.twentyfifthhourconcierge.com I specifically like #5 “Please/thank you.” I also specifically like #6 “Your Welcome.”

Politeness goes such a distance, in my experiences it makes my clients feel important, a priority, warm & fuzzy.

I would like to share the list of the 12 Phrases that are in the Inc.com magazine and attach the link to it.



  1. “Here’s the situation.”
  2. “Tell me more.”
  3. “What do you think?”
  4. “What can I do to help?”
  5. “Please/thank you.”
  6. “You’re welcome.”
  7.   “Let me find out for you.”
  8. “I’ve got your back.”
  9. “I’d like you to meet…”
  10. “I believe you can.”
  11. “I think you can do a lot better.”
  12. “Let me be upfront with you.”